Telecom is sector that requires the processing of an overwhelming amount of data. Digital data flows are doubling in size every two years. IDC estimates data annual data flows will reach 44 trillion gigabites by 2020 (10 times higher than 2013).

The networks that manage this data already use automated process to route traffic and better use underutilized resources. Automation technologies like orchestration, data analytics, intent-based management will be leaned on heavily to scale services with the needs of future users.

By using machine learning and robotic automation solution from Datapacket RPA, telecom companies can reduce manual intervention, manage volume, introduce flexibility, and increase speed to respond ??? without having to write off large investments or undergo a complete technical overhaul.


By now, we have all heard about autonomous-driving vehicles. Tech giants like Google, Tesla, and Apple (rumored) have devoted resources to research and testing this technology.??Connected vehicle technology, where cars, buses, trains, and trucks talk to each other and traffic infrastructure, has potential to have more pervasive. Sifting through all the shared data will surely be a task?? DPRPA can handle. The result could be smarter traffic control (signaling to drivers to avoid accidents), reduced vehicle emissions, and on-time public transit information.

Robotic Process Automation (RPA) to reduce cost, improve data quality, boost customer service, and drive operational efficiency. DPRPA focusses on processes that are highly manual, voluminous, repetitive and rule-based. There are a lot such processes in the telecom industry, namely service fulfillment, service assurance, billing, revenue management and network management.

This paper discusses why DPRPA is being accepted widely in the telecommunications industry and serves as a guide to help communication service providers and telecom enterprises in their RPA implementation, right from business process assessment till rollout.

We are automating Telecom Process around:

  • Order Validation
  • Customer Qualification
  • Service Testing
  • Service Activation
  • Credit Check Process
  • Feasibility Check
  • Address Validation
  • Circuit Testing
  • Logical Provisioning
  • Facility Assignment
  • Directory Services
  • Order Entry Process

Automation Support

  • Bot Management
  • Failure, Disaster Recovery and Risk Management
  • Opportunity Discovery and Management
  • RPA Corporate Trainings

RPA Consulting

  • Process Identification
  • Productivity & FTE Optimization Approach
  • Automation Rollout Roadmap
  • RPA & OCR Tools Identification
  • Automation PoCs

Automation Design

  • Mapping Manual Processes to Automation
  • Classifying Intervention Models
  • Automation Architecture Design
  • Custom Framework Design

RPA Implementation

  • Cognitive Automation using AI/ML
  • Bot Development
  • Workflow Orchestration and Governance
  • Rollout Validation and Planning
  • Business Continuity and Scaling


  • Robotic Process Automation
  • DevOps Automation
  • Test Automation

Big Data Analytics

  • Machine Learning as a Service
  • Sales and Marketing Intelligence Platform
  • Social Listening & Engagement
  • Business Intelligence Platform
  • Enterprise Search
  • Document Auto Classification

Digital Transformation

  • Digital Experience Platform
  • B2B and B2C Commerce
  • Enterprise and Web Content Management
  • Business Process Management
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